Shibumaku March 10, 2021 transfer prep course 299,800 yen


Shibumaku March 10, 2021 transfer prep course 299,800 yen

Preparing for transfer tests

English interview practice

Interview section of the transfer test consists of questions concerning the student. Questions relevant to personal background information are asked in the transfer exam.

In short, those are the ones you may future fill in completing U.K. university application forms along with the U.S. admission documents.

However, university application is still years ahead. Therefore questions being asked will be shallow in depth.

Essay writing practice

Duration time for essay is 30 minutes at maximum. A set of five essay practices is scheduled to be given. Advice and materials for improvements are handed out after every actual practice.

English grammar and usage 500

Typical idiomatic questions, including grammatical and vocabulary ones are given. Every practice consists of 100 questions in total. Five independent practice dates are tailored for checking adequate understanding of the modern usage of English.

Reading practice

Fiction reading and non-fiction reading materials are given in each class. Questions, each with 10 check your precise understanding of the passages.



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